Past Results

2017 Junior Lilac Parade Winners


Grand Sweepstakes Winner:  Sacajawea Middle School

Best Adherence to Theme: Sacajawea Middle School


Band Division 1 Winners

1st Place: NW Christian Elementary

2nd Place: West Valley Elementary Schools


Band Division 2 Winners

1st Place: Lakeside Middle School

2nd Place: Riverside Middle School


Band Division 3 Winners

1st Place: Evergreen Middle School

2nd Place: Centennial Middle School


Band Division 4 Winners

1st Place: Garry Middle School

2nd Place: Chase Middle School


Band Division 5 Winners

1st Place: Northwood Middle School

2nd Place: Mountainside Middle School


Elementary Marching Unit

1st Place: Franklin Elementary

2nd Place: Lincoln Heights Elementary


Secondary Marching Unit – Division 1

1st Place: Mountainside Drill Team

2nd Place: Glover Drill Team


Secondary Marching Unit – Division II

1st Place: Sacajawea Middle School Drill Team

2nd Place: Shaw Middle School Drill Team


Club/Scout/Organization Winners

1st Place: Campfire Inland Northwest

2nd Place Tie: Washington Extreme & Spokane Lilac Festival


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