Final 2016 Parade Winners

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Marching/Drill Unit Categories

Elementary – Marching/Drill Units comprised of students up to and including 6th grade.

Secondary – Marching/Drill Units comprised of students in middle school or junior high that may include 6th, 7th, 8th, and/or 9th grade.


Club/Organization/Scout Unit Category
Band Judging Categories


In an effort to resolve the past disparity in division sizes, it has been decided to determine appropriate judging categories upon the return of all Marching Band parade applications. In this way, we hope to form categories based on the entrants for each year’s parade.


It will be extremely important that all bands have indicated the following information on the application in order that placement in categories of judging can be done accurately.

·        Number of musicians, including percussion (not to include non-playing personnel)

·        Grade level of participating students

·        Accurate/complete information as to contact person, address & phone number

·        Are accompanying drill units, color guards, etc. to be judged with the total unit?
Bands – 1st & 2nd Place trophies in each Division (2 trophies in case of a tie)

Non-Band –  1st  and 2nd  Place trophies in each Category


A “Best Adherence to Theme” Trophy will be presented to the unit best exemplifying the overall theme of the Parade.


A “Grand Sweepstakes” Trophy will be awarded to the unit receiving the most overall points throughout the judging categories.  This trophy accompanies an invitation to perform in the 2012 Lilac Festival Torchlight Parade on the third Saturday of May 2012.

Location of Judges

One Band judge and one Non-Band judge will be seated at the Announcer’s station.  All other judges will be placed throughout the parade route.  Bands are encouraged to play throughout the route, in order to be judged by all three Band judges.


All participating units my not slow the forward progress of the parade (i.e. NO STOPPING).

It will be at the judges’ discretion to disqualify any unit failing to comply with this rule.

Units are also requested not to play music or drum cadences

in the Washington Street Underpass.


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